Great Justin Bieber Quotes

Justin Bieber Quotes:- Justin Bieber Quotes about Love I want you here with me To guide me, hold me, and love me now Flowers are nice, but love is better. You can fall in love at any age whether its 80 or 5. I only speak one language … the language of love. Justin Bieber … Read more

Great Elie Wiesel Quotes

Elie Wiesel Quotes:- Eliezer Wiesel was born in Romania was a born writer. He was the author of 57 books (mostly in English and French), out of which Night was very popular as the book revealed about his experience in prison, Elie Wiesel Quotes from Night says that Never shall I forget those flames which … Read more

Famous Angela Davis Quotes

Angela Davis Quotes:- Angela Davis Quotes on Feminism Feminism involves so much more than gender equality and it involves so much more than gender. Feminism must involve consciousness of capitalism (I mean the feminism that I relate to, and there are multiple feminisms, right). So it has to involve a consciousness of capitalism and racism … Read more

Great w. e. b. du bois quotes

w. e. b. du bois quotes:- w. e. b. du bois quotes on Art   Begin with art, because art tries to take us outside ourselves. It is a matter of trying to create an atmosphere and context so conversation can flow back and forth and we can be influenced by each other. All art … Read more

Popular Louise Hay Quotes

Louise Hay Quotes:- Louise Lynn Hay was a motivation author. She founded Hay House. Louise Hay Quotes on Dreams tell us the importance of dreams and goals. She says that they keep us young and interested in life. Louise Hay Quotes on Self Love says that there are some bonuses of loving yourself. It makes … Read more

Famous Angelina Jolie Quotes

Angelina Jolie Quotes:- Angelina Jolie is a very famous American actress, who is well known for her work in Hollywood. She always fought for the civil rights of human beings, Angelina Jolie Quotes about Humanitarian are the true example of this. She had an Amazing love story with Brad Pitt, you can send quotes on … Read more

Popular Sheryl Sandberg Quotes

Sheryl Sandberg Quotes:- Sheryl Sandberg is an author, activist, and technology executive born in America. She shared her views in almost all serious issued and the quotes are worth reading too. Her inspiring thoughts teach us some important lessons in life. Sheryl Sandberg Quotes on Leadership teach the world that leadership should be used to … Read more

Famous Morgan Freeman Quotes

Morgan Freeman Quotes:- Morgan Freeman is an actor, producer, and narrator from America. He is a brilliant actor and has received Oscar nominations Morgan Freeman Quotes about Shawshank talks about hope. He believes in being busy. Morgan Freeman Quotes about Life are beautiful and inspiring. He inspires us to be good to life, to live … Read more

Cesar Chavez Quotes

Famous Cesar Chavez Quotes:- The famous Cesar Chavez was an American leader of civil rights and labor, his quotes on labors are well-known all over the world. Cesar Chavez quotes on social change are noteworthy as he was Latino American civil rights activist. He was the founder of National Farm Workers Association, he founded this … Read more

Dj Khaled Quotes

Amazing Dj Khaled Quotes:- Khaled Mohamed Khaled, popularly known as DJ Khaled is an American radio personality, DJ, record producer, as well as an author. DJ Khaled Quotes are world famous as he and his songs are loved by everyone in this world. DJ Khaled’s sense of humor is great as he said so many … Read more