Epicurus Quotes

Famous Quotes by Epicurus:- An ancient Greek Philosopher Epicurus founded the school of Philosophy and that school is called as Epicureanism. Epicurus quotes are very good to read as they about the philosophy hidden in the life. His purpose behind the philosophy was to live a happy as well as a tranquil life. According to … Read more

Famous Emma Watson Quotes

Emma Watson Quotes:- Emma Watson is an actress, model, and activist. She was born in Paris and now a successful English actress. She is a young inspiration for all of us. Her thoughts are lovely and inspirational. Emma Watson Quotes on Love shows her own interests. She shares her love for painting and makeup. Emma … Read more

Famous Al-Ghazali Quotes

Al-Ghazali Quotes:- The full name of Al-Ghazali is Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī. He was one of the most prominent philosopher of his time, as he was considered as the influential theologians as well as mystics of Sunni Islam who were originated from Persian. His quotes on love are very wonderful and romantic, which … Read more

Great Florence Nightingale Quotes

Florence Nightingale Quotes:- Florence Nightingale was a statistician and English reformer. Florence Nightingale Quotes on War suggests staying away from paper wars because you can’t convince anyone this way. Florence Nightingale Quotes on Nursing tells us that we need to improve our nursing every year. Florence Nightingale Quotes about Passion talk about the passion of … Read more

Famous Amelia Earhart Quotes

Amelia Earhart Quotes:- An aviation pioneer and author, Amelia Earhart is an inspiration for everyone in the world. She is from America. Amelia Earhart Quotes on Tenacity tell us that if we are willing to do, we can do anything. Amelia Earhart Quotes about Flying says that dreams don’t know boundaries and if we listen … Read more

Kevin Gates Quotes

Famous Kevin Gates Quotes:- The real name of Kevin Gates is Kevin Jerome Gilyard, Kevin Gates is the stage name given by his fans. Kevin Gates is an American rapper as well as singer, his love for music can be seen in his famous Kevin Gates quotes on Music. Funny Kevin gates quotes will make … Read more

Aristotle Quotes

Great Aristotle Quotes:- Great Aristotle was born in 384 BC was a great scientist and an outstanding Greek philosopher. According to him, the good for man is an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue, or if there are more kinds of virtue than one, in accordance with the best and most perfect kind, … Read more

Popular Dr. Seuss Quotes

Dr. Seuss Quotes:- Dr. Seuss author, poet, political cartoonist, publisher, animator, and artist from America. Dr. Seuss Quotes about Love says that sometimes we don’t understand the value of something until it becomes a memory. Dr. Seuss Quotes about Children is about the books if children. Dr. Seuss Quotes about Life tells us that sometimes … Read more

Great Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes:- Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of Indian independence fight against British rule. Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Education teach us to find the difference between good and bad. Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Cleanliness call cleanliness of minds. Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Customer call customer purpose of your work. Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Truth … Read more

Great Dalai Lama Quotes

Dalai Lama Quotes:- Dalai Lama is a title given to Tibetan spiritual leaders. Dalai Lama Quotes on Love says that when love is important than need, the relationship is best. Dalai Lama Quotes on Life gives importance to human affection. Funny Dalai Lama Quotes inspire us to realize our strength. Dalai Lama Quotes on Happiness … Read more