Great Justin Bieber Quotes

If you need me, I’ll come running’ from a thousand miles away. When you smile I smile (oh whoa).

I’d wait on you forever and a day. Hand and foot. Your world is my world.

I’m running out of time. Where is my runaway love? Searching low and high… Know that I’m not giving up. I’d give it all up for her. But it’ll never be enough. I won’t stop until I find my runaway love….

For you I’d be running a thousand miles, just to get to where you are.

Your lips, my biggest weakness. Shouldn’t have let you know…

I don’t need nothing else. I promise girl, I swear. I just need somebody to love.

But it’s a waste of time if your waist ain’t on mine, think about it.

I gave you attention when nobody else was paying. I gave you the shirt off my back, what you saying

I give up so much to do what I do. Like, I give up a personal life. I give up my friends, my family. I give up a lot of stuff to pursue what I love and to make my fans happy. I give up so much. So, I’m going to be the best.

never say never see what is possible if you never give up

I give up a personal life… to pursue what I love and make my fans happy.

At concerts it makes me happy to see my Beliebers talking to each other because i made them family.

My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.