Great Tupac Quotes

There’s no way that Michael Jackson or whoever Jackson should have a million thousand droplets billion dollars and then there’s people starving. There’s no way! There’s no way that these people should own planes and there people don’t have houses. Apartments. Shacks. Drawers. Pants! I know you’re rich. I know you got 40 billion dollars, but can you just keep it to one house? You only need ONE house. And if you only got two kids, can you just keep it to two rooms? I mean why have 52 rooms and you know there’s somebody with no room?! It just doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t.

Never surrender, it’s all about the faith that you got.

My aim is to spread more smiles than tears.

That which does not kill me can only make me stronger.

I wonder if heaven got a ghetto?

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

Many dreams are what we had and plenty wishes.

But tomorrow I see a change, a chance to build anew, built on Spirit, intent of heart, and ideas based on truth. Tomorrow I wake with second wind and strong ideas of pride. I know I fought with all my heart to keep the dream alive.

The American dream wasn’t meant for me, cause lady liberty’s a hypocrite she lied to me, promised me freedom, education, and equality never gave me nothing but slavery but now look at how dangerous you made me calling me a mad man because imp strong and bold.

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it’s dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.

During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams

My mama always used to tell me: ‘If you can’t find something’ to live for, you best find something’ to die for.

For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.

The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams.

Only God can judge me, that which doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger.